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New domestic violence stats show psychological abuse as common as physical

New family violence statistics gathered by the Ministry of Justice show psychological abuse is just as common as physical abuse in New Zealand.

A recently released report, The ‘Offences by Family Members’, contains findings likely to influence future funding for support services.

8000 New Zealanders were interviewed about their experience of crime, providing an accurate, up-to-date picture of New Zealand’s domestic violence issue, according to Ministry of Justice’s manager of research and evaluation James Swindells.

Among the key findings were that Kiwis experience mental or psychological abuse from family members at about the same rate as they experience physical assault.

The survey highlights the fact that women who have recently separated from their partners are among the highest risk groups for family violence, and also recognises the disproportionate number of Māori who are victimised, compared with non-Māori.

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