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About Us

Male Survivors Bay of Plenty is a registered charitable trust established to support male survivors of sexual abuse

Our People

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Mike Holloway

Chair | Trustee

I am committed to ensuring that all male survivors of sexual abuse should have access to support services. As a member of the national organisation I am working to make sure that these services are accessible within all of our communities and regions. While supporting male victims of sexual abuse is our priority service in the Bay of Plenty, we also work with male victims of physical, mental, emotional and domestic abuse.

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Jessica Fulford

Treasurer | Trustee

I am a Chartered Accountant and I support not-for-profit groups in my community.  I believe everyone should have access to the support services they need and Male Survivors Bay of Plenty provides a much needed support services for our local male survivor community. helps in filling a void for male assistance.  I am proud to be part of this organisation and to use my skills and experience to support to the organisation and assist in promoting its development growth so we can reach the people who need our help.

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Tony Chamberlain

Secretary | Trustee

I work with not-for-profit and social enterprise communities to develop on-purpose strategic agendas and effective governance frameworks. I am proud to be working with my colleagues in MSSAT Aotearoa to build a capable national organisation, enabling its member organisations to provide an appropriate nationwide support service for the male survivors of sexual abuse.

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Cy Messenger


I worked with Male Survivors BoP in a commercial capacity for several years before being offered the privilege of joining the board.Coming from a marketing and technology background my key roll is to support the organisation with marketing and communication strategies as well as internal communication and collaboration systems.

I am motivated to see Male Survivors BoP’s reach and awareness grow throughout the greater Bay of Plenty region.

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Lehi Hohaia


Tena tatou. My name is Lehi HOHAIA, I was raised on a farm in Putaruru. I left Putaruru at the end of 1979 and joined the NZ police. My career involves working as a police officer on the street for 12 years and then joining  the Rotorua Criminal investigation branch as a detective for 20 odd years. I then went on to specialise for the Sexual and child abuse team here in Rotorua. Most of my time was spent at the Auckland Hospital working with the families of abused babies.

I now am the Pouwhakataki or Maori Liaison officer for Rotorua and I work with iwi and Hapu and the community here to help reduce Maori offending and victimisation. I do lots of programmes out of the local Marae which include Methamphetamine, whanau violence, Te pae Oranga, Te kooti Rangatahi, alcohol Impairment drink driving programme, Working with the Gangs here in Rotorua and the Bay of Plenty. 
Last year awarded a Queen service Medal on behalf of the iwi here in Te Arawa for services to the community.

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Pere Paul


He uri ahau o Te Arawa waka. He uri ahau hoki o Ngai Te Rangi/Ngati Ranginui Iwi Ko Pere Paul taku ingoa.

My name is Pere Paul and I descend from the Te Arawa tribe (Rotorua) and Ngai Te Rangi/Ngati Ranginui (Tauranga moana).

I am currently the Service Manager with Ara Poutama Aotearoa – Department of Corrections in Tauranga, having worked in the department for the past 35 years.

My interests include spending time with my whānau, riding my pride and joy motorbike, and I enjoy all sports. I am currently coaching rugby (Te Puna Premier Coach) and have coached at premier and representative levels in men’s and women’s rugby. 

I am passionate about working with our people, whānau, hapū and Iwi, and building relationships with our government and community organisations.

I have many years of experience on Trusts and Boards in the Rotorua and Tauranga districts, I am also a Board member and trustee with Te Tuinga Whānau.

I only moved to Tauranga from Rotorua a couple of years ago and am happy to call Tauranga home.

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Bruce Montgomery

Manager | Peer Worker

Bruce lived and worked in Nelson for 27 years. Where he actively volunteered for victim support. In the latter years he worked in the role of mental health support worker and working to support men who had experienced traumatic or acquired brain injury. He completed his formal counselling training in 2009 and moved to live in Gisborne. Employed by Family Works Gisborne he worked as part of a team to establish and provide a counselling and support services at Tauawhi Men’s Centre.

Bruce moved to Hamilton in 2015 where he has largely worked as Aftercare worker for the Salvation Army in Springhill prison and Te Ara Tiatia Drug Treatment Programme in Karaka unit Waikeria prison as programme facilitator and aftercare worker supporting men through their journey progressing to sentence milestones. Bruce is an ACC registered counsellor and works with men who have experienced sexual abuse. 

Bruce has training and experience working with individuals, systemic approaches to couple and family counselling, and historical sexual abuse counselling. He is a full member of New Zealand Association of Counsellor’s (NZAC), and as previously mentioned is ACC registered. He works with integrity, bringing a realistic attitude with empathy, common sense, humour, and an understanding of the challenges people face.

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Uipo Uipo-Tagaloas

Lead Peer Worker

Uipo was born and raised in Samoa by his grandparents, his father passed away before he was born.  He moved from Samoa to New Zealand in 2003 at the age of 23. Uipo is a father of 1 adopted son, 2 foster son’s and 2 beautiful girls of his own, with his beautiful wife Nicole.

He has a passion for helping others with their holistic health and well-being. Uipo is a qualified personal trainer, with training and experience working with individuals and groups. Uipo is the founder of Bettalifestyle Fitness. He likes helping vulnerable communities with their health and well-being.

Uipo recently moved to Tauranga from Auckland with his family. He wants you to know that you can make a change and we a here to walk with you throughout your journey.

Our Operating Principals

(The behaviours we need to achieve our ambition)



Always ‘on purpose’: putting male survivors first and always seeking ways to improve their wellbeing.



Always ethical, open and honest; acting authentically with integrity and without judgement, always aspiring to the highest standards of professional practice.


Mahi tahi

Always collegial: building meaningful relationships based on mutual value, trust & respect and working together to achieve our ambition for the future.

Our Key Strategies

Our Purpose

(Why we exist)

Enabling the wellbeing of male survivors of sexual violence

Our Ambition For The Future

(What we hope to achieve in the medium term)

All male survivors have access to a sustainable national network of appropriate high-quality support services

Building our capability and capacity


Implementing quality frameworks
Developing and implementing governance frameworks and operating policies and guidelines that enable and support the delivery of best practice peer support and counselling services. 

Success Measure

Tautoko Tāne Bay of Plenty peer support and counselling services are recognised by local service providers and government agencies as an effective, enabling and professional male survivor service.


Developing our people
Enabling and supporting our people to become skilled facilitators and communicators and confident, proficient peer support and counselling professionals. 

Success Measure

All Tautoko Tāne Bay of Plenty services are provided by appropriately qualified professional managers and staff performance development outcomes evidence an effective continuing education program 

Increasing service engagement 


Welcoming survivors
Increasing the awareness and accessibility of our survivor support services, assuring service quality and enabling and encouraging more male survivors to seek our help. 

Success Measure

An expanding client base attests to the effectiveness of Tautoko Tāne Bay of Plenty’s communication and client engagement strategies and client feedback and external reviews attest to the quality of our support service experience.


Kia Mārire: Effectiveness with Māori
Working more effectively with Māori by enabling and encouraging the application of kaupapa Māori across our governance and operational platforms and our service delivery programs.

Success Measure

Feedback from Māori survivors and their whanua, Māori kaupapa services and Iwi groups confirm increasing positive engagement with Māori and our service outcomes reflect increasing collaboration and more effective engagement with Māori.


Developing our services
Assuring sustainable operational funding, enabling our governance and operational frameworks and expanding our service capacity and reach. 

Success Measure

Tautoko Tāne Bay of Plenty enjoys secure national and local funding arrangements and ongoing philanthropic support that assure the continuing accessibility of our male survivor support services.