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Stan Walker opens up about physical, sexual abuse growing up – ‘It stuffed me up for years’

In an exclusive interview for TVNZ’s Sunday, Stan Walker bravely reveals to us the horrifying physical and sexual abuse he endured in his childhood family home in Tauranga.

Published on TVNZ

Stan has decided that it is time to bring his story out into the light, in the hope that it will encourage others with similar experiences to come forward and know that they are not alone.

Whilst his experiences are confronting and difficult to listen to at times, Stan knows that sharing them will serve immense importance in raising awareness of domestic and sexual violence, as well as supporting other survivors.

His story is also one of redemption and hope, strength and aroha. He says his family is now unrecognisable from that time, a great deal of healing and forgiveness has taken place within the whānau, along with learning to love and forgive the self.

“We’ve changed so much – it’s like I’m talking about a totally different whānau.”

Stan wants to inspire survivors to seek help, and to not be afraid to use their voice.

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Published on September 27, 2020

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