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Marist Brother continued teaching despite known history of sexual abuse over decades

Evidence has revealed that the Marist Brothers knew one of their members was offending against children over decades, but didn’t prevent him from being around children.

One of his victims, who asked to be referred to only as James, described his abuser, Brother Giles, as a “monster”.

James says he was raped and abused by Brother Giles every week over a two year period when he was a 12 year old at Xavier Intermediate in Christchurch between 1980 and 1982.

Brother Giles was the principal at the school and James told Newshub he’d be singled out at lunchtime and taken to Brother Giles’ office, where most of the abuse occurred.

How I picture him is just a monster. The way he treated me, I was not only sexually abused, I was mentally abused and I was also caned by him as well.

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