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‘Like nothing else on earth’ – abused teen’s time at Rangipo

A man who came through state care in foster homes, a boys’ home, corrective training and eventually prison, believes his life has been set back at least 30 years by the way he was treated and the physical and psychological abuse he received.

Aaron, who is 50, came from a broken home and his interview with RNZ is the first time he has spoken publicly about his experiences in care.

He lived on the street for a year at the age of 9.

Aaron ended up in the Stanmore Road Boys’ Home in Christchurch at 13.

His stepfather beat him if he ever misbehaved and one day he stood up to him and punched him back. The police were called and Aaron was sent to Stanmore.

One of his first recollections of being in the boys’ home was seeing drug addicts use needles.

It was sort of a violent place.

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