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Abuse in Care inquiry: Children given electric shocks lasting four minutes

People who were given electric shock treatment as a punishment while in the Lake Alice Psychiatric Hospital in the 1970s have given first-hand accounts to the Abuse in Care inquiry.

The inquiry is hearing from survivors who, as children, were dragged kicking and screaming in the knowledge they were going to be given the shocks.

Tyrone Marks, 59, was first sent to the Child and Adolescent Unit at Lake Alice at the age of 11.

He said he never knew if or when he would be punished with electric shocks.

Sometimes they will give you a hint and that might be by walking around with the electrodes and the little box, shaking it around saying it’s your turn, it could be you, it could be someone else.

Tyrone Marks

He said metal adaptors, like headphones, were first dipped in salt water and then placed on his head.

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